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    The sacred mission of Christ aims to make every living being live in love, justice and peace - which is often called the kingdom of God. We strive to help anyone who wants to follow the path of God, who wants to become a Christian and who accepts the gospels.

    The phrase "Make disciples" is the priority in everything we do to make everyone believe in the salvation of Christ and that they rely on Christianity.

      The mission of the Church is the continuation of the mission of Christ:
                            • Propagate the gospel
                            • Learn, Baptize and Support new followers
                            • Share for love for everyone
                            • Deny injustice, reject violence, restore peace and tolerance
                            • Conserve nature; support and protect the environment

The Anglican Church is a Catholic church but not Roman, it is reformed but it is not Protestant. The Anglican believes in the one God who are the union of the Father God: Jehovah, of the Son God: Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit. The Anglican also believes that man has the free will to lead his life but in case of sin, it will distance him from God and can lead to the separation of the two beings. The Anglican believes that Jesus lived to be the model of every Christian, Jesus died for the sin of man, Jesus resurrected to save humanity.

The Bible, for the Anglican, is the foundation of the Christian life and he believes that "the key to salvation" is there.

The Anglican believes that life as a Christian requires praise and prayer, collective and individual, and that every Christian must apply all that he preaches and prays - Sunday (usually, day of worship) and all days of the week.

The Anglican believes that a person has become a member of the Church after baptism, and that every Christian must take communion (Eucharist) as a common meal in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Anglican accepts the great Christian creeds: he uses the "Creed of the Apostles" during the cults and the baptism; and the "Crédo of Nicée" during communion. The foundations of religion are explained in detail in the book are called "Catechism" (which means "what must be taught").


If we ask a dogma question to 3 followers of the Anglican Church, we will have 5 different answers. The strength of the Anglican Church is the reconciliation and acceptance of cultural and dogmatic differences, even though it remains a great internal debate.

In spite of this, an Anglican will always affirm that his faith, his dogmas and their authorities come from the Scripture (Bible), the wisdom (the intelligence and the proximity with God) and old dogmas (Faith and dogmas of the old churches) . These are the 3 foundations of the Anglican Church in comparison with the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant churches.
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