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    With the representatives of the English Authority at the time, Bishop Vincent W.Ryan (Bishop of Mauritius) came to visit King Radama II in 1855. It was during this interview that the king asked for Anglican missionaries for Madagascar . Rev William HEY and Rev J. HOLDING arrived in August 1864 in Toamasina who are missionaries of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel to foreign parts (SPG)

   Rev Robert K. KESTELL-CORNISH was enthroned Bishop of Madagascar on February 2, 1874. The construction of the Ambohimanoro Cathedral lasted 6 years, and was supervised by the Norwegian architect Alfred ANKER and the English engineer William WHITE. The name Saint Laurent Cathedral is due to the inauguration of the Cathedral on August 10, 1889 which is the feast of the Saint Lawrence.

   The bishops who followed one another in the diocese of Madagascar:
      • Bishop George Lanchester KING (1899-1918)
      • Bishop George K. KESTELL-CORNISH (1919-1925)
      • Bishop Ronald S. M. O'FERRALL (1926-1939)
      • Bishop Gerald Richard VERNON (1940-1950)
      • Bishop Thomas PARFITT (1952-1961)
      • Bishop Jean MARCEL (1961-1974) (To: 1956-1961)

   On January 12, 1874, the decision officially announced of the split of the diocese of Madagascar into 3 dioceses under the authority of theirrespective Diocesan bishop: Bishop Jean MARCEL in the diocese of Antananarivo, Bishop Gabriel JOSOA in the diocese of Antsiranana and Bishop James SETH in the diocese of Toamasina. After the retirement of Bishop Jean MARCEL, Bishop Ephraim S. ANDRIANOVONA was consecrated and enthroned as the second Diocesan Bishop in 1975.

   Bishop Remi J. RABENIRINA was consecrated and enthroned on May 13, 1984, he was also elected Archbishop of the Indian Ocean Province in 1995

   The current bishop of the diocese is Bishop Samoela Jaona RANARIVELO, who was consecrated and enthroned on June 29, 2008.
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